Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Computer Maintenance as Marketing Tool

One of the very best techniques for generating more business for your expert practice is the quality of your work. Especially in the deadline/calendar-dominated legal world, your responsiveness, promptness and dedication to meeting agreed-upon dates of completion can mean the difference in creating a source of referrals or ruining your reputation.

When you can't access your files, data, report, etc. because your computer crashed - your attorney-client is not going to be sympathetic. With all the technology even the smallest firm uses today, I think we should all have a dedicated computer tech on staff. Since that is not realistic, it would be wise to know some basics that can help prevent the worst from happening (but keep a techie's number on hand at all times just in case ).

This post from The Working Guy, Christopher Null, “How to Keep Your PC From Crashing” explains seven steps even a novice can take to prevent disasters such as losing that expert report due tomorrow.