Wednesday, March 28, 2012

In Memoriam – Julius S. Piver, MD, JD

(Guest post by Rosalie)

We are sad to tell you that a beloved client and friend has passed away. 

Dr. Julius Piver, an OB/Gyn and legal consultant, died March 22, peacefully and surrounded by his adoring family. 

Julie would have been 88 next month and was still practicing gynecology and doing expert witness work.  When he notified me two weeks ago that his condition was terminal and I
cancelled advertising and other marketing, one referral service told me he had three active cases just with them.

We should all age like Julie did.

I was privileged to meet Julie and his wife Louise at an expert witness conference more than ten years ago, and then to help Julie with his marketing.  It was fun, because although his years were old, he wasn’t, and quite recently we were still adjusting details like not including dates on CV elements.  Obviously, it takes little time to find out that information, but we didn’t want it to be the first thing an inquiring attorney saw, because age was not representative of Julie.  He obtained his law degree at the age of 62! 

A few years ago, when I was living in Florida, I had some female issues and consulted with Julie, in whom I had the highest confidence.  Meredith reminded me today that when I notified Julie of my situation, it was as though he dropped everything and called me instantly, which further endeared him to us.  After talking with him, I planned, if I did not get satisfactory treatment where I was, to switch roles with Julie, travel to Maryland and jump up on his examining table for a real expert consultation.  I would of course have gotten to visit with Julie and Louise as well, so even though my medical issues resolved, I am sorry I didn’t make that trip.

I don’t get to meet many of my clients in person, so I am grateful for that breakfast meeting with the Pivers so long ago, when we became instant friends.  Since that time, Louise and I have noted each other’s birthdays and other important dates (57 years of marriage for them this year!) and news about our children and their grandchildren.  I also got to see Louise again when I attended a book signing for their daughter Susan Piver Browne, who has become a respected author.
We are including a link in case you would like to read Julie’s obituary.

Wherever he is, I hope Julie is entertaining his friends with that little infectious chuckle, and I wish for Louise and the rest of their dear family the comfort and joy of precious memories.

We are fortunate to have known such a special being.  He will be missed.

Rosalie Hamilton