Saturday, December 29, 2007

Spend Your Profits on Yourself

End of the Year Tip:

If all went as planned, you've had a profitable year. But that has its own little downside - now you have to pay taxes on the profit. The upside is - you have two more days to invest some of that profit in your business. See if you can advance register for continuing education classes in your field; pre-pay for business development or marketing services; or purchase books, software, or other products that will benefit your practice. Check with your tax consultant about using this year's profit now on building your business for the coming year, instead of giving that profit to the government.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Website Question Made Our Day

In a recent email to our newsletter subscribers, Rosalie gave her views about the current economy and the subsequent need for professional service providers to spark up their businesses. The very first email received in response was from a long-term client asking whether his website that we had created several years ago needed to be updated. The kicker that we found so inspiring - this expert, still fully practicing both in his profession and in legal work, is 75 years young! May we all stay so ignited and inspired for years to come.