Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Perils of the Internet for Expert Witnesses

In the October issue of Florida Trend, the business magazine for our fair state, I read a comment from consultant Amy Singer regarding online research about jurors. Singer states, "We ask them ...whether they have a website....a blog...a MySpace page... Then, if it's public, we can really look at those things...."

Just another reminder that everything you say and do (especially online) can and will be cussed and discussed and used against you. I assure you - if trial consultants are doing this type of research on jurors that attorneys are vetting you the same way prior to engaging your services.

Be aware of everything posted on your own website of course, but also what family members or friends might say about you on their sites. Watch what you say if you comment on others' blogs or networking sites. Once it's out there - it's there for all to see.