Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Expert Witness Resource Round-Up

A few resources to investigate and read while waiting in the airport or escaping from the in-laws over the holidays:

One of our newsletter readers alerted me to a document from the Federal Judicial Center, "Manual for Complex Litigation." Written by and for judges, it contains good information about what is expected at each stage of litigation, who is supposed to attend various conferences, rules of discovery, etc.

Roger Matus of the Death by E-Mail blog, produced a list of 10 Things to Never Put in Email - especially relevant for expert witnesses. Remember, everything you say or write can come back to haunt you or even ruin a case.

Over on the Juris Pro blog, Karen Olson has posted a short list of "Practice Tips on Expert Witness Fees."

IMS ExpertServices identifies the "Top 10 Expert Witness Cases of 2008" in their December newsletter.

The 2009 Annual Conference of the Forensic Expert Witness Association will be held February 26-28 in La Jolla, California. As the online brochure explains, this conference is designed to help experts of all disciplines stay on "the cutting edge as it relates to courtroom presentation and written work product." Presenters include well-known attorneys and experts.

Here's an older article you would have to hunt down (see if you could borrow an issue from an attorney), but in the October issue of TRIAL magazine, hotel expert Peter Tomaras along with attorney Alison Werner Smith published the article, "Closing the Attorney-Expert Gap." The format makes it quite compelling, providing both the expert's perspective and that of the attorney.

Happy Holidays!