Monday, May 27, 2013

Expert Witness Round-Up

Jumping right in to an eclectic assortment of expert witness news and advice, let's start at the beginning --  Do you/should you interview your prospective attorney-client before taking the case?  Attorney Tom Shroyer has some factors for the expert witness to consider when screening an attorney.

The American Medical Association reports on recent rulings regarding the qualifications of medical expert witnesses (helpful summary at end of article on 13 important rulings from the past year).

NACVA asks "Expert Witnesses:  Is Your Internal Testimony Consistent?" Turns out, all mistakes  are not the same in the eyes of the jurors.  The cross-examination by attorney Doug Abbott is worth the read.

Are you a good teacher?  Attorney Marvin A. Tenenbaum describes the teacher-like qualities an expert witness wants to have when appearing before a judge and a jury.

And finally, I like to close with a smile.  Over at the ABA Journal, these real-life malapropisms posted by attorneys should do the trick.