Monday, August 21, 2006

Expert Witness Breaks the Silence

"I'm out in the wilderness here," is the kind of comment I hear frequently from experts. By it's very nature, being an expert to the legal community can be isolating. You've spent the better part of your life in your field, not the courtroom. Your contemporaries may or may not be practicing expert consultants. And, even if they are, you must watch what you say, do, write, etc., because it can all be misinterpreted or intentionally distorted in an attempt to discredit you.

So, this weekend (when it was too hot to do anything else!) while going through the various stacks in my office, I was excited to run across a particular article again. Printed in Legal Affairs back in March of 2003, "Opinion for Sale: Confessions of an Expert Witness" is a rare glimpse into the raw thoughts of an expert witness, from his initial experiences in the 1970's and the evolution of his practice into the present. Author Steven Moss expresses some ideas that might be offensive and others you may say, "Oh, me too!"

Either way, I think it's a unique take on this very unique field. Beware, it's a long article; you might want to print it out and read when you're standing in line somewhere. Let me know what you think.

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