Monday, October 23, 2006

Reminder: Include Contact Info!

While researching various proposals from vendors this weekend, I was remimded that sometimes in our own business we are too deeply involved to see what it is obvious to outsiders.

If you have a business website - why? Is it not to inform visitors and invite them to contact you, make a purchase, or request more information? So wouldn't you want to make it as easy for them to reach you as possible? Yet the number of websites I visited that lacked easy-to-find contact information was astounding!

They might have a form to fill out that sent an email, but no physical address or phone number. And I tend to suspect any business that won't provide a physical address as being less than legitimate anyway. But why not offer every conceivable way for prospects and potential clients to reach you? Meet their comfort level - be if fax, phone, email or snail mail. And make that information easy to find; I didn't waste time looking past two mouse clicks, and research shows most of your website visitors won't either.

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