Saturday, December 16, 2006

Are Goals Important?

I'm jumping the gun a bit here, but we are nearing the time of year when many assess the ending year and set priorities for the coming year. That said, some of us have the best of intentions to do this and never quite get around to it. Life tends to throw 'must-do's' and just everyday stuff at us so that before we know it, the week, month, year, etc. is gone.

So here is my suggestion - check out this article by Kevin Eikenberry "The Pause that Refreshes: Seven Reasons Why Goals Matter". The very first reason he addresses really hit home with me:
"Goals create acccomplishment instead of activity." How much of my time is spent on 'stuff' that does not contribute to my purpose(s)? Answer: too much!

Print it out and take it with you. When you escape to the garage to hide from your in-laws during the holidays, you'll have something to read and think about.

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