Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Build Your Network at Conferences

'Tis the season for conferences, seminars, and association meetings. I know some of you will be attending the SEAK National Expert Witness Conference and probably many others will be attending conferences by the organizations in their area of expertise.

Take a boatload of business cards with you and talk to everyone you can. Find out about them, how you might be able to help them or if you know someone you could introduce them to that would be of benefit to them. Your associates in your field can be a great source of collaboration and referrals. But start by building a relationship - people work with (and refer!) those they like from a human perspective first and foremost.

If you go to any expert witness conferences - do the same! Many cases require more than one type of expert. If you are able to provide your retaining attorney with the name of another expert he needs for the case, you become an even more valuable resource for the attorney and the expert appreciates the referral and may reciprocate.

Don't neglect to attend the networking functions and meals where you can meet one on one with the speakers, mostly attorneys and judges (and ALWAYS have your business cards handy!). Don't sell yourself but do introduce yourself and provide a face to go with your name. If you can, get a business card from them and follow up with a note of appreciation regarding their presentation.

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