Sunday, August 26, 2007

Top Ten Credibility Killers

As an expert witness, the most effective marketing technique in your arsenal is the quality of your work. In addition to the strategies you can use to improve your consulting, reports, testimony, etc., you would be wise to also steer clear of the following damaging mistakes:

1. Accepting conditional engagements or contingency fees.

2. Reporting or testifying on matters beyond your area of competence.

3. Using misleading data to form or express opinion.

4. Not meeting deadlines.

5. Allowing attorney client to unduly influence your opinion and/or report.

6. Accepting a case with a known conflict of interest.

7. Contradicting prior positions or statements.

8. Ignoring available data.

9. Producing unclear or incomplete reports.

10. Unnecessarily discussing the case with others.

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