Saturday, May 30, 2009

Going On Vacation?

Vacation season is here. Many of you will be notify callers of your absence through your voice mail message. Jim Calloway's recent post about the message you compose offers sound advice that applies to your "out-of-office" automatic email response as well. It had never occured to me that leaving the beginning date of your leave could be detrimental but his reasoning is sound. Check it out. (Although his advice is written for attorneys, it applies to expert witnesses as well).

Also, a reminder from me to make sure you change your message as soon as you return and turn off your automatic email reply.

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Insurance Expert said...

Thoughtful comment and it makes sense-no need to provide unnecessary imformation that may lead to an unfavorable-and inaccurate-presumption. Another related issue is when I call someone on April 16 and the message says "Today is April 10 and I am out of the office." Now, is he/she still out or is the message just not updated? No reason to leave the caller wondering-update your message when returning!