Friday, August 21, 2009

Be Careful with Your Expert Witness Website

This is a caution about building and maintaining your expert witness website. As you know, everything you do, say, and write can and will be cussed and discussed and used against you. The added danger of the Internet as opposed to other venues is that once it's there, it's always there and it doesn't matter if you change it the very next day. Check out the Internet Archive and their Wayback Machine. Just type in your website address and you will see every incarnation of every page on your site since its inception and -- so can anyone else!

So what does this mean to you? If you are just building a website, don't just slap something up to have a website. If you have a website, be vigilant about who can add pages, update pages, etc., and proofread everything before putting it out there. Some things you just can't take back.

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