Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Don't Miss Out on Key Expert Practice Info

I have mentioned attorney blogs before as being full of valuable information for experts as well as another way to find out about and reach potential clients. Attorneys have blogs based on jurisdiction, subject matter, and numerous other niche topics. You can find the best ones for you through lists such as Blawg or taxonomies like 3L Epiphany , which can be a goldmine of information once you explore it a bit.

For example, medical experts of all types from around the United States should be following the legal proceedings regarding professional medical associations in relation to expert testimony. See the blog post by Rick Shapiro last week - "Lawyers Battle On For The Doctors Who Testify In The Courtroom".

Or, for insights helpful to experts of all kinds, you can find advice from attorneys to other attorneys regarding expert witnesses, such as the recent podcasts by Evan Schaeffer on "Advanced Deposition Techniques" or the Trial Lawyer Resource Center , a blog with posts from many trial lawyers addressing multiple issues and topics. Use the 'search site' tool to look for your key words; put in "expert witness" and get an attorney's view of the five most important questions to ask an expert witness at deposition.

One potential resource, which I must admit I was hesitant to even visit, could be YouTube . Various depositions and advice about depositions have been posted there in recent weeks. Try different searches such as "deposition", "expert witness", and terms specific to your practice.

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