Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Latest News for Expert Witnesses

A recent post at the Drug and Device Law Blog analyzes in great detail a recent proposal by the American Law Institute for changing the requirements of expert witness testimony from the standard "reasonable degree of professional certainty" requirement currently in use by many states. The authors, Mark Herrmann and James Beck, strongly oppose this drafted 'restatement' and provide sound reasoning in this well-written post. Although initially addressing the medical expert, they ultimately include all other areas of expertise as well. Check it out - "ALI Draft...."

I recently alerted readers to the postal increases going into effect on May 14. I had not yet read them in detail myself at that time. I was a bit taken aback when I read the article, "Are You Ready for the New Postal Regulations and a Whopping Increase in Costs?" by Ellen Freedman and comprehended the expensive implications of these changes. As she illustrates the problem:
"Currently our postal system operates on strictly a weight-based methodology. . . Effective May 14th, we will move to a shape-based pricing system. Under the new system, there will be three different pricing factors: size; thickness; and weight. There are even some rigidity factors which can influence cost, meaning that if you stuff the envelope so tightly it cannot b end, there is an additional cost."
Read this article, as you might need to change the terms of your engagement agreement based on the amount of mailing your practice does during the course of work.

Last August, we were so touched by the kind words many of you sent on the loss of our friend and client, Tim Snoddy, in the Kentucky plane crash. His family has created a memorial site for him that beautifully describes what a special man he was and will continue to be in the hearts of those who were blessed to know him.

Finally, I can't ignore what's in front of all of us at this moment. Please keep in mind and heart the victims, families and all others involved in this terrible event at Virginia Tech.

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