Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Marketing Lessons from Obama and Huckabee

I follow the major political races pretty closely (my major at University was politics and government). Regardless of your ideology, there are marketing lessons we can take from the current campaigns for president.

One reason the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary are so key is the simple fact that it's not possible for the candidates to speak one-on-one to every voter in the country. But, they can, within those two small states, speak individually to many constituents. The results of those two races eliminate some contenders completely and put others at the forefront in the eyes of the nation.

The lesson: Face-to-face interaction matters. People choose - whether in elections or for professional services - people they know, or feel like they know. We remember faces and in-person conversations with much more affinity than we do a letter from a stranger or an ad in a publication.

So meet people. Include direct prospects but also possible referral sources and just anyone and let them know what you do. As Harry Beckwith says in The Invisible Touch, "Business is about people."

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