Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Tech Rant

I try not to get too personal in my blog posts, but I am frustrated. In preparing for the start of the new year, I have been evaluating our technology and anticipated needs, costs, etc. I am highly annoyed at the need to "update" everything, even when it has been meeting our needs perfectly well since the last update. But, one way or another, we are forced into upgrades - customer support will no longer be provided; replacement parts are no longer available; the product will no longer be compatible with the newer version, which our clients will likely be using; so forth and so on. AAAAARRRRGGGHH!

How do you handle this in your own homes and offices? With your computers, cell phones, printers, PDAs, software, scanners, etc.?


mercerc said...

Sorry, but I think that you are experiencing the world of technology the way it is. Things are changing very fast. We just plan on replacing everything every three years or so. My idea is to stay on the leading, not the bleeding, edge of things. Rant on. It may make you feel better!

Chris Mercer

Anonymous said...

I try to keep a program as long as possible before upgrading. Since my husband worked on computers before he went to work for me, I am fortunate that he can handle most problems that occur with our technology. And if he cannot solve my problems, I have two sons who are systems analysts and they can. I do object to the planned obsolence of technical products.