Friday, April 18, 2008

This N That

Here's a collection of some articles and resources I think you might find helpful:

"There is both an art and science to writing an expert report..." In the Fall 2007 issue of The Legal Write, Micheal J. Molder, JD, CPA, CFE and David H. Glusman, CPA, DABFA, CFS, Cr.FA go on in great detail about expert reports, covering issues such as admissibility, the drafting process, Federal Rules of Evidence, objectivity, and credibility. A good read.

I've just recently discovered a service called Jott. In our information overloaded, multi-tasking world, this is a great way to avoid letting things slip through the cracks. Have you ever been driving down the road and had a brilliant idea or remembered someone you were supposed to contact? With Jott, you call an 800 number, talk up to 30 seconds, and the recognition software transcribes your message and sends you an email. You can also add other contacts and have Jott send them an email. It is free and there is no software to download.

Are there people you call frequently that have a long voicemail greeting? You've heard it over and over yet continue to be subjected to the entire message every time you call in order to leave a message? On many voicemail services, you can hit either 7 or # to skip that long greeting, saving you time, aggravation and possibly cell phone minutes!

Have you read any good articles or discovered some practice management or time-saving tricks lately?

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Anonymous said...

I am definitely going to try that idea of using a 7 or # to skip a long voice mail message instruction. (Do they think that after all this time we all need instructions?)