Monday, May 05, 2008

Perfect Time for a "Howdy" Card

With the U.S. Postal rates set to increase again on May 12th, now is the perfect time to send a "howdy card" to your contact list and save some money in the process. (You might also stock up on "Forever" stamps, which are good for first-class mail forever, no matter what rate increases occur in the future.)

As Rosalie says, "The topic of a professional announcement you send to clients and other potential referral sources, as well as good prospects, is almost beside the point. Your real objective is just to say "Howdy," to bring you and your services to the recipient's mind. So I call them "Howdy Cards."

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Meggin McIntosh said...

I have been buying Forever stamps like mad lately and plan to stash them until postage is about $1! HA! Not sure I'll wait that long but I don't intend to use them with postage just going up 1 cent.

I have actually purchased so many that we are putting them in our safe deposit box. If I had a disaster at home, I know some things I'd think to grab, but not sure my Forever stamps would pop into my head.

Thanks for the reminder, Meredith.


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