Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thoughtleading for Expert Witnesses

"Become the Go-To Authority" caught my eye, so I placed the book on my Amazon list and finally got around to reading it a few months later. Ken Lizotte's book, The Expert's Edge, is about how to become a "thoughtleader" and authority in your field. Although not all of it is applicable to expert witnesses because of the unique nature of the legal field (not being an advocate, possible contradictions in opinions, etc.), much of his advice is at least thought-provoking.

The book centers around the five pillars of thoughtleading:

Pillar 1: Publishing your ideas
Pillar 2: Speaking before groups
Pillar 3: Keeping your edge with fresh thinking
Pillar 4: Creatively leveraging the Internet
Pillar 5: Making vigorous use of the media

A quick, worthwhile read.

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