Friday, November 06, 2009

Publicity, Practice Management, and More

I'm finally catching up on my reading and found some gems:

Being mentioned or quoted by the media can be a very effective (and inexpensive) marketing tool and who wouldn't want to be mentioned in the New York Times? See some original tips to accomplish that in this post at Nolo's Legal Marketing Blawg.

Worried about the economy's effect on expert witnesses? Head over to the Expert Witness Blog to read Rick Van Bruggen's opinion on why experts are "recession proof". While you're there - if you are based in the New York area, check out the schedule for the Gotham City Expert Witness Group.

What will happen to your practice if you have surgery? Dr. Jean Murray has some good tips for "Keeping Your Business Going After Surgery" at the Small Business Boomers blog.

And lastly, in keeping with my effort to stay on top of my "to-read" list, Scott Kirsner of the Boston Globe wrote an article on "Timely Tips to Empty Your Inbox".

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