Friday, January 22, 2010

Expert Witness Reports - Details Matter

A few months ago we discussed expert reports and their importance as a marketing tool (an available example of your expertise and work). I'm sharing one of the responses we received:

Don't forget to mention spelling.

I saw an attorney totally destroy an expert over a single misspelled word!
Actually, it was beautiful to watch - since it wasn't me. This attorney knew
damn well what the misspelled word was. Instead he asked me, what "XXX" meant.
As I started to explain, the other expert kept interrupting to correct the
spelling and this attorney kept apologizing to me for the interruption. By the
time that attorney got through, the poor expert had been censured by the judge,
after admitting his report "was mistaken with error."

Details matter!


Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

SEO Expert Witness said...

A good lesson to learn indeed.