Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Not All Work Is Good Work

Turning down business seems to go against everything we've ever been taught, but sometimes, it may be the smartest thing you can do.

When Rosalie and I read Michelle Golden's post, "Knowing When (and How) to Say No," we both knew we had to share it. As Rosalie put it, "Some of this I couldn't have said better myself. Experts will sometimes accept any and all comers (the same wrong thinking as offering low rates), hoping it will lead to success, whereas it results in the opposite. I hope experts will read and heed this good advice."

Check it out and let us know -- have you ever said no? Have you regretted NOT saying no?


The Lindsey Family said...

Yes and yes. The first time I said "no," was a liberating experience, and completely the right call to make. Saying "no" allows us to more actively pursue the projects we have accepted.

E. George Rosanelli, JR, MD said...

Just two weeks ago, I reviewed a case for a lawyer. The facts did not support the lawyer's position. He asked if I could add nuance which would perhaps change the interpretation of the facts. I declined , telling him that I would look like a fool on cross examination and, by inference, he would look foolish as well.

We ended our conversation cordially, but I don't know if my refusal was appreciated.

Rosalie Hamilton said...

Dr. Rosanelli, you acted with wisdom and integrity. People of a like mind appreciate it, and the others don't matter.
Rosalie Hamilton