Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Expert Issues in the News

Many states and associations are discussing or instituting legislation and rules pertaining to expert witnesses and consultants to the legal industry. Some of these issues will be decided or will take effect in the coming months. Here are two links about recent expert issues:

American Academy of Neurology elaborates expert witness guidelines

Pretrial Assessments of Expert Witnesses

Law firms hack into expert witness' website

Are Jurors Tuning Out Expert Witnesses?

Additionally, I would recommend that you use the slow time this holiday season to check in with the professional associations you belong to and get up to date on any pending state legislation or organization rules that may affect you or your practice.

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Joe Hochreiter said...

New Jersey has passed legislation that is being interpreted by some attorneys as requiring technical consultants to register as lobbyists if they spend time meeting with nsenior-level NJDEP personnel to negotiate a remedy for a contaminated site. Imagine what such a registration would do to an expert's credibility??