Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Building a Successful Expert Witness Practice

If you subscribe to our newsletter Expert News, you have read our recommendations about the upcoming 16th Annual National Expert Witness Conference in Cape Cod this June. This multi-day conference by SEAK has sessions and preconferences for every type of expert, in every discipline, from novice to old-hand, consulting to testifying.

But there are so many sessions and preconferences to look at that I want to point out a special one. If you are mentoring someone new to expert witnessing or have a friend who is considering starting their own practice, I strongly recommend you steer them to this preconference - How to Start and Build a Successful Expert Witness Practice This intensive introductory workshop will be presented by Terrance Baker, MD, an extremely experienced expert witness and one of my favorite members of the SEAK faculty . At the SEAK conference I attended in Chicago a few years back, I was so impressed by his enthusiasm, knowledge and integrity.

So think about those in your circle who could use this information. Even if the whole conference would be too much for the beginning expert, recommend just this preconference workshop - it could make a big difference in their future success.

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