Tuesday, February 06, 2007

"Out of Office" Automatic Email Responses

In several instances recently, my emails to various experts have resulted in an automatic "Out of Office" reply email. This is a great function and allows users to offer other methods of contact if necessary or informs others of when the intended receiver will return.

The problem is this: I emailed these individuals in the first week of February. Their "Out of Office" reply messages ranged from "I will be out of the office from January 12 to January 25" to the worst "I am out of the country right now and will return December 26"!

Reminder: If you set up an "Out of Office" reply, don't forget to disable it upon your return.


Dr. Shmuel said...

With today's technology, i.e. laptops, Wi-Fi in every other gathering place, Blackberries, "out of the office" is justified only on vacations or emergencies.

Cindy Pinsonnault said...

Don't forget voicemail or answering machine messages where the same thing can happen.